Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 57 2 Months Completed

Well today is day 57. We completed 2 month already. Wow. This is awesome. However for some reason I can't keep myself motivated and I don't know what's wrong with me. When I first started the competition I couldn't wait to get off work to go work out. Now it's the opposite. I almost feel like it's a chore. I think I know what's bothering me. 3 weeks from now is my wedding and I think I'm excited and stressed at the same time. Everyday after work me and the wife to be is driving places. Busy everyday. Plus I got school on Monday and Thursday nights. I almost don't have time for myself. Plus, I haven't even posted a video on youtube. I know I'm letting everyone down. So this week my goal is just to stay focused.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 45

So everyone, in case some of you have been wondering where I have been, I have been on Body for LifeStyle with Sean Symons. That's right. Check it out. is a site that Sean has created to make our daily body for lifestyle even easier. Some of the folks are from tracker and we wanted a place that we can call home. Sean has even given me a job there to be his Co-Admin. I love him for it. He has taken care of me since day one. We have a lot in common and we both have military backgrounds and see eye to eye on a lot of things. So if you read this blog come check us all out.

See you there :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 37

I'm so sorry. I'm really behind right now. I've been helping Sean Symons with his new website that I completely forgot about my new little blog site here.

Well nothing has changed. I'm really digging that I get to workout from home. It makes like so much easier. On a funny note, Brandi started working hard with me Sunday and since she started training she was never sore. HAAAA!!! This week she can barely walk hehe. Yeah she is a little mad at me but I don't feel to bad because I now know she had a good work out. I told her it should be a good sore and she said no it isn't. It's a bad sore. I know she will be ok and I told her that tonight she should go to bed early.

Well until next time :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Day 33 (It's So Easy)

It's so easy :0)

Why am I saying it's so easy? Well let me tell you. I've come to a conclusion that if you can get your cardio and weight training done first thing in the morning then the rest of the day is a piece of cake. No not cake, a shake :) We can't eat cakes unless it's your free day.

I've been getting in a good habit of getting up earlier in the mornings and doing my cardio. I've realized by doing this that the only thing I have to do the rest of the day besides work is to eat on time. Sometimes I'm hungry within 2-3 hours and sometimes I'm not. But I still eat. If I can't eat it all, I don't not force it down.

Now that I have weights at home I can wake up in the mornings and work on my upper body. I will still go to the gym once or twice a week, depending on how I started my week, to do my lower body because there I can do leg presses and things like that which I can not get at home. This will make life so much easier for me. Before I was going to the gym 3 times a week to do weight training and I had to wait in the afternoons because my future spouse and I workout together. She is not a morning person so I had to wait to go in the afternoons to do my workouts. I always did cardio at home. Then after we got back from the gym it was six or six thirty in the evening and I barely had time to fix my meals within the hours I had. Well no more. Life is so much easier if you can get a set of dumbbells and a bench. I know not all of you can do that. So, if you can somehow get to bed earlier and wake up early to go to the gym then try that. I promise you this, your day will be so much easier.

This is why I say, ITS SO EASY :0)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day 32

Yesterday was a very good day. I ate right, drank all my water, went to the gym and I worked my lower body. The gym I go to is free and it's always packed. I never have problems getting a good workout for my lower body. However when it's time for me to get an upper body workout it's a real hassle. The gym is packed and I can not get to the equipment.

To fix this I asked my Bride to be if we could get a bench and a set of dumbbells. I started off low and later I will add more weights as I progress. I went to Academy Sports and got a huge deal on a set of dumbbells and a stand to go with it. I even got a discount.

I'm looking forward to using my new weights tomorrow. I did my cardio first thing this morning and I had a very good breakfast. I ate my protein pancakes and instead of syrup, I used natural peanut butter because Brandi forgot our Sugar Free Syrup at work. Oh well, this means I better buy two containers next time :)

In case some of you read this blog and your not familiar with the community of people on youtube, you should check out some of my links. There are some awesome people there doing the same BFL challenge as me. I really look up to these guys. We do daily video blogs and I see it inspiring people everyday. Just click my link for my YouTube account and you will see what I mean.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today's Event

Well I just got off my free day and completed one month of the BFL challenge. I fell outstanding!!! I can't wait to see my results next month.

Today I'm doing my lower body workout. I love working out my lower body. To me, the lower body is the easiest exercise. Maybe because it's less muscle groups. Now this doesn't mean I slack off. In fact, I workout harder because it is less muscles to get in shape. I put the weights on and work really hard at what I do.

I talked the sweet spouse, spouse to be that is, into allowing me to buy a few dumbbells and a bench today. Though the gym I go to is free, I find it very hard to get a proper workout on my upper body there because its so packed. I will not stop going to the gym, I will still go there to do my lower body because I do not have 200-600lbs of weights to workout my legs :)

What I would really love to do is buy the 90 lbs of weights offered by bowflex. They have some dumbbells called selecttech which are very nice. One great thing about them is that it cuts down on space and it's all in one. That's what I'd like to have, however since it's a want and not a need I will not buy them. Plus my budget does not allow me to get 600 dollars worth of dumbbells right now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My First Blog on Body for Life

OK everyone :0)

This is my very first blog and I know as time goes on I will get better at this. Please excuse my typing mistakes because I hardly ever proof read my writing. So if you see an error be nice :0)

My name is Boyd, this you can already tell, and I just entered the Body for Life Challenge on 3 SEP 07. I heard about the BFL challenge before and I was hesitate about entering the challenge. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to afford to eat right and take the supplements my body needs. I bought the book about 2 years ago and read halfway through it and I layed it down because I got discouraged. Then about 5 weeks ago my spouse asked me if I would start going to the gym with her. At first I was like, nahhh, I don't want to do that. But then I remembered the BFL challenge. I immediately ran to my room after work that day and grabbed the BFL book. I went to the internet and low and be hold? It was time for another challenge. I hurried and signed up and I've been hooked since. Though the food may cost a little more to buy, I'm saving money in the long run because I'm not eating out.

Today is the 2nd of October and I feel outstanding. On the 3rd of September I weighed in at 235 lbs! I'm 6'2" and I couldn't even see my waist or my shoes! Today I weigh 212lbs. I'm 23 lbs lighter and I can see everything below :0) WOWWWWWW If I did this in just a month, I can't wait to see the next month.

Along the way I met some very cool people online. I met people on the Body for Life Guestbook, I met some on Body for Life Tracker. When I got to tracker I met a very nice guy by the name of Sean Symons. He is a great motivater and he inspires me everyday. He introduced me to YouTube where he does daily video blogs. He told me to do a video blog of myself one day and introduce myself to the world. Well :) I'm hooked there now. Everyday I do blogs about myself, if not everyday then every other day. There are a great group of people on you tube doing the BFL challenge and doing blogs on themselves too. They offer great advice and from time to time they will ask questions or just talk about what they on their BFL day.

I'm happy to be part of this great group of people.