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Assignment #3 Transcending Unhealthy Habits

Assignment #3 Worksheet: Transcending Unhealthy Habits

After careful consideration, I’ve become aware that my lowest level habit—the one which will most interfere with my future health and happiness is:
Anger, Self-pity and Jealousy. All of these lead into my unhealthy eating habits which in turn make me a couch potato and wishing I had done something with my life at an early age.

I now hold the intention of being freed from the chains of my unhealthy habit. (If your answer is affirmative, you’ll want to write, ‘Yes, I now hold the intention of being freed from the chains of my unhealthy habit.’)
Yes, I now hold the intention of being freed from the chains of Anger, Self-pity and Jealousy which leads into my unhealthy habit.

Knowing that if I were able to overcome this negative pattern on my own, I probably would have done it by now, I am asking for help from:
1. My Family, wife and son. Most importantly my wife!! My life means the world to me. I look at her everyday and I don’t see how she does it. With all her medical problems she has to be the most high spirited person I have every met in my life. Yes she does struggle day to day with worries but 80% of the time she is a very happy woman and you would never believe it when you met her that she has so many medical problems from diabetes, back,neck, and knee surgeries, needle phobias, being on blood thinner so she could keep the eyesight she has now because she lost so much of it. I look at her and wonder how she does it because I know if that was me I be worse than I am now of the three things I mentioned at the beginning of this assignment.
2. I also need help from my friends here on the Transformation Community. I cannot name just one person because each and every one of you hold a big part in my life. I love everyone here and I look at the happiness this place has and I want it so much.
3. My friend Jay. I’ve know Jay on youtube from doing other Body for Life Challenges for over 2 years now. In fact, Jay is here, he goes my kotsu and on youtube kotsujay. He and I seem to have the same struggles in life and when it comes down to it, he and I have never given up or on each other. Even though I have never met Jay in real life, I still like to call him my best friend. I want to see him exceed this challenge and me along with him. Not only do I need him but I will be there to support him as well.

Three unhealthy feelings that originate from my lowest level habit are:
1. Anger
2. Self-Pity
3. Jealousy

Three ways these feelings interfere with my life are:
1. I can easily get angry when things don’t seem to go the way I want them to. I start yelling and being mad at the world. I let things get to me and when I go for a drive I start yelling at drivers. All this does is brings my blood pressure up and because of this I have to take blood pressure medicine which I would one day love to throw them to the side.
2. When I have feelings of Self-Pity of things I could have or should have done I tend to be a couch potato and I don’t want to do anything with my life which makes me very lazy and I have the look as if someone just died. I sit on the coach eating every few minutes because knowing is satisfying me. Then I get bigger and not making myself better. I don’t want to study to improve myself or anything that could make my life better.
3. Jealousy plays a huge role in my life. I go to work wishing I could make more money at what I do. I see everyone going out buying nice clothes, boy toys and talk about going fishing on their boats and I get so jealous and this makes me want to eat even more to make me happy which keeps making me fatter. If I could only be happier with myself and what I have going for me like my wife and a good job, jealousy would not even play a role in my life.

Three conditions that trigger my lowest level habit are:
1. When the smallest thing in life just doesn’t go right it makes me angry. An example would be if my son doesn’t remember to clean his bathroom on a certain day that I told him to do or remember to do his chore list.
2. Daydreaming or Dreaming. If I start daydreaming of things in the past that I could have or should have done. I wish I had done this to make this better for my life. Instead of joining the Air Force Reserves I wish I had joined active duty instead and it starts my self-pity. Even though because of the AF Reserves it got me where I’m at today. I wish I could be this person one day or be able to do this. And I can’t because I’m feeling sorry for myself.
3. Jealousy  starts when people around me talk about what they did last night and I have a state of jealousy because I feel I have no friends because I shelter myself at home and I don’t get out or they bought a nice car and I have this car and I want to fix my camaro up like he did instead of having to sell it.

Three people who will help support and keep me accountable as I work to overcome this personal challenge are:
1. This is easy. My WIFE BRANDI. The love of my life 
2. This outstanding community
3. My friend Jay  kotsu or kotsujay 

Three feelings I’ll have when I’m freed from this unhealthy habit are:
1. Happiness will now play a major role in my life. I won’t let the small things get in my way anymore. I will be able to take time and think things through.
2. Being Proud of myself and will be proud the day instead of what I didn’t yesterday or years ago.
3. Joy, I actually have more in my life then I realized. Material things don’t get in the way of my life. I get out more and I’m around more people.

Three ways my life will improve from transcending my lowest level habit are:
1. I no longer sit around all day and let my life pass me up and I’m healthy and not only am I proud of the outside but the inside as well.
2. Because of my new healthy Lifestyle I am to focus and study more to improve my career. Now I can and will get those promotions with my civilian job and cross train in the military to do something in the flying world. I even able to ace the PT test and be a mentor for those around me in the Air Force.
3. Now that I’m healthy and proud of who I am, I can be better for my family and never worry about them being alone without me. I can take care of them for the rest of their lives and if they see me happy and healthy maybe they will follow my footsteps.

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