Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Being Sick Sucks

You know being sick sucks even when you try to follow a new workout or diet routine.  Arghhh I just hate it.  Earlier this week I started a new program with a friend of mine and my wifes and I feel like I'm already letting him down.  Yesterday I was feeling kind of rough but I kept my promise to walk with him on the bridge for two miles.  I was feeling pretty good.  That was until I got to work and then it really hit me.  Arghhh I hate being sick.

Today was supposed to be day 2 and I couldn't go with him because I felt so bad.  The result of this my buddy didn't go and know I just want to blame myself but at the same time I have to teach him a little responsibility to.  I know when he see's this he's probably gonna tell me a word or two :)  But that's all fun and games.  I also told him during the first month I will not have any empathy for him.  It's going to be hard and that just another part of the process.

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